First Step to provide Information required for inspection as following:
  • Picture of label that must be readable, and
  • Ingredients as the sample shown at the end of the Instruction (the above two shall email to for initial inspection. In the case that the ingredients contain additive(s), an INS number(s) must be provided under the International Numbering System for food additives. Once confirming that all ingredients comply with China law, then)
Second Step to submit Samples of product for inspection

Although 4 samples for each product are needed for inspection, at least Eight (8) Identical samples (produced at the same time, same place, same production line and same model) shall be mailed to GTTC China office address just in case there is a damage during international shipping. And

Third Step to pay the fees for the inspection in advance in the amount as quoted

Once confirming everything is ready for inspection, the Inspection Center will send us an invoice for their service charge. Upon payment of the service charge, the inspection shall start. Once the samples pass the inspection, a label maker will give us a quote on what it would cost to make the Chinese label for such a product.

P.S. See a sample of food ingredients as following: