TAMTAMBORA was started as a subsidiary of Huck Finns' BBQ & More Inc. to be the company that will supply healthy drinks for HFBBQ, and it's future franchises. It took us three years of hard work to make the drink "Shelf Stable" ( to last for 2 years without refrigeration) . 

TAMTAMBORA Smoothies are committed to bringing you only the best taste, using 100% all natural premium ingredients from around the world, free of additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings and colorings.

Over the years, we’ve perfected our recipe to create a sensational fruit beverage so good you’ll think you’re standing on a beautiful deserted beach. Exotic tropical fruit juices with added Seamoss and Flaxseed deliver a mouthwatering smoothie with unequaled flavor with the added benefit of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and the healthy nutrients every body needs.