COUGAR energy(No.B00905)

COUGAR is an energy shot with benefits. We wanted to provide women with more than just energy. We loaded COUGAR with exotic berry extracts that help a woman reduce stress, maintain hormone levels and increase her natural libido. All this with the addition of B vitamins, green tea and caffeine to give you an edge in any activity you desire. So with COUGAR, you get a cute, pink bottle that enhances your body with a female friendly burst of energy.

COUGAR focuses on the “woman next door” who is not a frequent energy shot drinker. Since most energy products are marketed towards men (caffeine content, graphics and size), we scaled back the stimulants and added ingredients like pomegranate, raspberry and noni to aide in a woman’s motivation to stay beautiful. We also developed COUGAR to be a 2oz. shot that tastes great hot or cold, so a woman can toss it in her purse when she’s on the go – compliments of the all-natural exotic berry extracts.