ND Labs

Nutritional Designs was created in 1986 with a mission to join nutritional concepts with pharmaceutical principles. Our team of nutritionist and pharmacist use nutritional interventions to help alleviate and treat medical conditions. Our team of talented professionals discover new insights and "product solutions," which are applied to those that reside in long-term care facilities, hospitals, assisted livings, and other institutions - as well as those who actively choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our goal is to offer quality care products and programs that far exceed community standards and exceeds patient's expectations while being provided in a caring, convenient, cost effective, and accessible manner.

Nutritional Designs Inc. manufactures and sells a dynamic line of Fiber Supplements, Liquid Protein Supplements, Meatless Entrées that are Gluten and Wheat-Free, and other related nutritional products.

Our products and supplements have been shown to improve nutritional status and reduce medicinal needs of our elderly, health conscience person, and sick as well by improving nutritional care.
With over 28 years of a proven track record, Nutritional Designs is dedicated in finding the right product and supplement for all your healthcare needs.