American Natural And/Or Organic Food & Beverage Manufacturers Exporting To China

On February 26, 2015, the United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, US & Foreign Commercial Service, Harlem US Export Assistance Center invited American natural and/or organic food and beverage export ready companies to meet with its Joint Agreement Partner the Global Trade & Technology Company. GTTC had its clients the Chinese State Own Enterprise companies in Assemblyman Keith LT Wright’s conference room to interview these manufacturers. One of the companies was Tamtambora, a minority-owned Brooklyn beverage company who presented their Mango Smoothie drink.  Tamtambora sent two executives, Ken Shaw, Chief Operating Officer and Tony Hernandez-Wallen, Chief Product formulator, to China with GTTC on a trade mission in November/December 2015. The executives met with several State Own Enterprise supermarket chains to successfully sample the mango smoothie drink and discuss price points plus transshipment. The agreement that came out of that process was that if the American manufacturers got their products pre-approved clearance from Chinese Customs then the retail buyers would begin to submit purchase orders.

In July 2016 Tamtambora became the first manufacturer to successfully accomplish this procedure. The new approval means that Tamtambora now has access to supply 57,000 supermarkets, 30,000 convenience stores, 20,000 convenience stores in the gas stations on the highways and schools in 26 Provinces. Based on a tremendous potential customer base, Tamtambora will prepare to scale up to a higher projected production level. The first sample purchase order is a full 40-foot container to be transshipped to Beijing, to be delivered by October 1, 2016.

On Friday, September 16th, the principles of Tamtambora will hold a Press Conference at the annual Congressional Black Caucus conference to publicly announce this tremendous international opportunity.  The Chinese Embassy will participate in this media announcement. The Chinese media will cover and air the event in China to kick off the marketing campaign. This will promote American-owned food and beverages which pass the Food & Drug Administration consumer product requirements which hold significant value to Chinese consumers.

Another participating company, the Island Soups Company from Congressman Gregory Meeks district will also be in attendance. In August 2016 they became the first manufacturer of gourmet Caribbean soups and spices to accomplish this procedure in the food category.

These two minorities and owned food and beverage ventures are GTTC’s first manufacturers that will be exporting their products in full dedicated 40-foot containers to China this year. The two companies will now be in a position to hire more workers, expand their manufacturing facilities and grow their operations to around the clock shifts. They will also establish ongoing transshipment agreements for vessels in route to China.

Both companies are now seeking more robust manufacturing facilities for the near future. Dialogue has begun with regard to adding additional manufacturing facilities in the State of Mississippi.